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More on Media Literacy

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  1. Temple University Media Education Lab
  2. National Association for Media Literacy Education
  3. American University's The Center for Social Media


Updated 04/22/2011



Temple University Media Education Lab

The Media Education Lab at Temple University advances media literacy education through research and community service. We emphasize interdisciplinary scholarship and practice that stands at the intersections of communication, media studies and education. Directed by Renee Hobbs


What is Media Literacy? Overview & video




Teaching Resources



The Media Education Lab is one of the leading providers of multimedia curriculum resources for K-12 media literacy education. Take advantage of our extensive collection of free resources below:



  • Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Media Literacy Education
    The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education helps educators gain confidence about their rights to use copyrighted materials in developing students' critical thinking and communication…
  • Digital Workshops for the Digital Nation
    Renee Hobbs and her colleagues at the Media Education Lab developed the Digital Workshops for Parents and Educators as part of Frontline's "Digital Nation," premiering February 2, 2010.
  • Teaching About Copyright And Fair Use
    Lesson plans and materials to help you teach about copyright and fair use in high school, university or graduate school.
  • Using Voice Thread for Media Literacy Education
    Analyze and comment on media messages using Voice Thread!
  • Access, Analyze, Act: a Blueprint for 21st Century Civic Engagement
    The Media Education Lab team created this dynamic multimedia curriculum including lesson plans, three videos and an online quiz that measures youth civic engagement.  These lessons show educators how to…
  • Assignment: Media Literacy
    Finally, the comprehensive three-volume curriculum created by Renee Hobbs is available online.  This is the 18-unit curriculum developed for Maryland State Department of Education and Discovery Communications, Inc.   You can download the PDF files…
  • Copyright
    Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning By Renee Hobbs
  • Elements of Language textbook
    Elements of Language (Holt, Rinehart and Winston) is the first English language arts textbook to fully incorporate media literacy throughout the series for students in grades 6 -12.  Chapters introduce…
  • Growing Up Online
    Check out our lesson plans for teachers and an interactive quiz for parents encourage reflection and analysis of the Frontline film, "Growing Up Online."  Renee Hobbs and Kelly Mendoza developed materials…
  • IFC Media Project Quiz and Resources
    How discerning are you when it comes to analyzing news and entertainment?  Take this quiz!
  • Iranian Youth and Media Literacy
    Curriculum Resources from the Youth Media Workshop for Iranian American Youth, held in Philadelphia from August 3 - 7, 2009 at the Asian Arts Initiative. See the lesson plans and…
  • Know TV
    This curriculum with video clips promotes critical analysis of non-fiction television for students in grades 6 - 12 and demonstrates simple but powerful learning activities that help build critical thinking…
  • Media Literacy and Cultural Understanding of People in the Middle East
    The Media Education Lab is working in collaboration with the Alliance of Civilizations, the Roberts Elementary School in Wayne, PA, and faculty and students at Kuwait University to explore how…
  • Media Literacy and Prescription Drugs
    MacNeil Lehrer Productions has created short video that features Renee Hobbs on how media literacy can be used to address the prescription drug industry's messages that influence people to seek…
  • Messages & Meanings
    Developed in collaboration with the Newspaper Association of America, Messages & Meanings is a collection of curriculum activities for analyzing print and electronic media. This resource includes instructional activities for…
  • My Pop Studio
    My Pop Studio is an online creative play experience for girls ages 9 - 14 designed to promote media literacy. The project was supported by a grant from the U.S.…
  • Newsweek's Media Literacy Skills Builder
    This skills builder includes tools for analyzing the media, understanding advertising, understanding media ownership, and issues of representation.
  • PBS News Hour Collaboration
    Exploring News and Journalism in a School-Community Partnership with PBS News Hour Extra  
  • SNAPS Photo Cards for Media Literacy
    SNAPS photo cards are an easy-to-use set of 30 large cardboard cards depicting a variety of  different types of television programs.   Finally-- a flexible teaching resource for children! They're…
  • Students Taking Action, Not Drugs (STAND)
    The STAND (Students Taking Action, Not Drugs) project invites young people to use the power of mass media to design, create and deliver meaningful messages to help other teens resist…

(For many more resources like this, go to the curriculum resources section on the Media Education Lab website)


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National Association for Media Literacy Education


Media Literacy

From its initial definition as “the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and communicate” (Aspen, 1992), the field of media literacy continues to evolve and expand as new technology leads to emerging insight. Media literacy touches so many areas of life and work, it’s hard to contain it in one curriculum area or even one age-group or subject. The truth is media literacy is now a core component of an effective 21st century education – and NAMLE is leading the way in implementation of strategies, training and research.


What Media Literacy Education is


Roots of the movement

  • NAMLE History:  original documents, historical papers, a decade-by-decade chronology


Want to study media literacy?


Build your media literacy library

  • Visit our Marketplace for classic books in the field, curriculum resources for teaching, videos and DVD’s



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American University's The Center for Social Media

Helping people make media that matters



  An expansive collection of materials on Fair Use and copyright, plus sections on Making Your Media Matter and The Future of Public Media.





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